Some Experience From This Year

People love the idea of reducing their carbon footprint, but we all know they are ambivalent if it means spending to much more. The most controversial area in eco landscape care, after chemicals of course, is noise. Folks hate leaf blowers, and they don’t want to pay more for raking.

Just to correct a stand I took on this issue, we went out and initiated a blower-less business this year, and found, raking really does take more time. The tighter and more complex the garden, the more time it took.  I don’t know what kind of steroids the grandmother in California who claims she can rake as fast as a leaf blower was on, but our guys aren’t taking them.

I still believe there is a market for raking over leaf blowing, I cant stand the noise myself to tell you the truth, but there definitely is a labor factor to be dealt with here!

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