Fall Activities

Things That Need Doing In the Fall

Fall is a great time for planting, so if you’re seeing any bargains on plants you have lusted after, don’t hold back. It’s also a good time for transplanting materials and splitting perennials. This is because as it gets cooler, most plants are slowing down and shutting down so you won’t interfere with their growth process by moving them now.

Generally, you will want to be cutting down perennials and mulching your beds for the winter. Mulch will give your plants an extra blanket this winter (and its supposed to be a cold one). Some gardeners advocate leaving perennials to be cut back in the spring for this reason, however, your garden will look very messy if you go this route. Better to clean out those dead and dying leaves now and mulch a little heavier.

Do not prune or trim shrubs and trees at this time. Remember that these plants are winding down. Cutting and trimming will stimulate growth and encourage trees and shrubs to grow when they should be going dormant.

Irrigation systems can be blown out, however, if we get a couple of weeks with no rain and temperatures hold above 40-45 you will need to do some supplemental watering. Personally I prefer to blow out the system second week in November, about one month after most irrigation “specialists” like to shut down. Speaking of irrigation, now is a great time to lay in new or supplements to existing irrigation systems, as well as execute hardscape and or woodwork projects. Most landscape professionals are anxious to get a little extra work under their belts after the fall shutdowns and will give better pricing.

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