String Trimmers

New B&D 36 Volt String Trimmer Kicks Butt

Going just a little less esoteric here for a change, I want to announce that Black and Decker finally has taken the lead in something. As a carpenter, I have frowned on B& D equipment. They are generally noisy tools that deliver less value than their more expensive competitors. However, B& D is moving into the battery operated garden tool arena with vengence.

My first corded mower was a B&D and I still use it today. I recently picked up the new B& D 36 volt string trimmer. What a fantastic tool! Quiet, not too heavy and absolutely competitive with gas string trimmers in terms of power.

This Battery operated trimmer runs on a 36 Volt battery which gives it tremendous power. Mind you the battery runs down after an hour, but for home use thats all you need and for commercial use this can be compensated for by carrying spare batteries. The string is self feeding as well eliminaating the need to tap tap tap the trimmer to get a feed.

No more fuel mix, no more fuel spills, and no doubt, the cost of the baterries will be made up for in the savings in fuel and time. No more carborater cleaning, pollution, or noise!!! The only set back is the support strap is a cheap flimsy thing that slips as you use it. Replace it or dump it, the trimmer jsut is not all that heavy.

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