Cut Out The Gas When Cutting Grass

Save Money & The Planet With Electric MowersIt is a little known fact that 5-10% of air pollution in the United States comes from lawnmowers. Though the EPA is moving to regulate the power equipment industry and mandate pollution control devices, it will take years for change in this area to take root. The surefire alternative is the push mower, with electric mowers coming in second. There are now battery powered mowers and electric robotic mowers that cost far less to run, are quieter, lighter, and come with u to a 19” blade.


Other alternatives are propane driven mowers, but these start at around $10,500.00 and are for commercial use.  There has been some success converting conventional mowers to run on biodiesel, however, this is an expensive process and no mass produced models have been made available yet.

Given the huge carbon footprint of the conventional gas mower, it behooves all of us to seriously consider the alternatives. A recent study on lawn carbon sequestration shows that though turf grass is quite good at storing carbon, using a gas mower negates some of these benefits. For every four pounds of carbon sequestered in the soil, one pound is put back into the atmosphere by a gas mower cutting it.

Las t week this column spoke of the reluctance of consumers to pay more now to save money later in organic lawn care. A problem incidentally, that has dogged almost every earth friendly idea on the face of the earth. Electricians for example install thinner gauge wire to land wiring jobs (consumers want to pay as little as possible) when in fact; more expensive thicker gauge wire would save the consumer thousands of dollars in electricity further down the line.  It is unfortunate that this may also be true of electric mowers. However, the difference in cost is made up very quickly in money saved on fuel. While a 19” electric mower costs about $ 100-150. More than a gas mower of the same size, the energy costs are as follows:


Approximate cost to run a gas mower:
YEAR 1: Gas and Oil: $35
YEAR 2: Gas and Oil: $35 / Tune-up: $60
YEAR 3: Gas and Oil: $35
YEAR 4: Gas and Oil: $35 / Tune-up: $60
TOTAL: $260

Approximate cost to run an electric mower:
YEAR 1: Electricity: $2.80
YEAR 2: Electricity: $2.80
YEAR 3: Electricity: $2.80
YEAR 4: Electricity: $2.80
TOTAL: $11.20


With savings like that, what is holding you back from changing mowers right now? If the reasons are that you contract grass cutting out, then maybe it’s time to look for a company that has some of the equipment described above.



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